The Urban Ship

The Urban Ship

The Urban Ship is a system that converts existing homes and buildings into green, sustainable units. The Urban Ship utilizes modern insulating materials, recyclables, solar energy, rain harvesting techniques, and water recycling to create a sustainable system within the conditions of already built environment. MEEZAN started the ongoing Urban Ship project in March 2013.

Recycled Material Recycled material is used as construction material in the Urban Ship: decorative wall was built using empty bottles as ‘bricks’ and both the ceiling and the floor were made of old securit glass doors.

Greywater Treatment System

The Urban Ship has three incoming water pipes: hot, cold and treated greywater for flushing the toilet. The greywater treatment system that produces water for toilet flushing should save about 40% of water consumption. Additionally, the Urban Ship household can have a beautiful little fountain and a pond in the garden…

Solar Under Floor Heating System

Under the floor, the Urban Ship has water pipes that collect heat from a thermal solar heater.