The Freedom Machine

The Freedom Machine

The Freedom Machine is a self-sustaining renewable energy and urban food production unit, installed in the urban landscape around the region. The Freedom Machine was developed in 2012 by MEEZAN to meet the growing challenges of urban living. The Freedom Machine combines water harvesting and saving systems, local organic food production, renewable energy production, and eco-building technologies. MEEZAN has installed 9 Freedom Machines throughout Jordan, Switzerland, and Palestine thus far, including atop of residential buildings and community centers.

The Freedom Machine is comprised of 5 technology systems into a rooftop greenhouse unit:

1. Aquaponic and food production system

This water-based food production method integrates fish and vegetable/fruit production, cycling nutrient-rich fish water to irrigate crops, and cycling filtered drainage water back in to the fish ponds. This highly efficient system is designed to suit the arid climates in the region.

2. Solar heating

The renewable energy production system converts solar rays into heat, which is sufficient for heating a 20-30 m² room in winter months.
Sun heats the greenhouse and extra heat is vented via mechanical fan to heat the living space.

3. Rainwater harvesting

The collection and storage system utilizes the greenhouse surface area to collect potable rainwater.
Rainwater falling on the greenhouse roof is diverted into storage and use for domestic and garden use.

4. Shading system

This system mediates extreme temperatures and reduces the amount of irrigation water needed to produce food by reducing exposure to direct sunlight and thus allowing plants to thrive in naturally arid & hot climates

5. Rooftop insulation

This system creates a buffer-zone between the inhibited area of the building and the outside environment, keeping the home warmer in winter months and cooler in summer months.