Humeid Organic Farm

Jerash Eco Farm

Jerash Eco Farm

is a model ecological farm that produces organic vegetables and fruits by utilizing renewable energy, rain water harvesting and permaculture techniques. The farm uses organic pesticides management instead of chemial pesticides. MEEZAN is employing various sustainable solutions at Jerash Eco Farm such as PV cells, wind propel, and developed green houses with rotational Shading System.

Developed Greenhouses

MEEZAN constructed five developed greenhouses in Jerash Eco Farm. These greenhouses are equipped with the Rotational Shading System which is also used in The Freedom Machine.

Rain Water Harvesting

More than 1000 qm water harvesting unit at Jerash Eco Farm.

Greening the Arid Land Project

Without using irrigation and with simple damp and permaculture techniques, a dry, mountainous piece of land was transformed into a green, productive farm land. Greening the Arid Land Project was conducted with the help of Sabine and Jorg Grigat from GIZ.